Ibex Innovation takes ideas and turns them into fully realized solutions ready for manufacture & construction


The majority of Ibex's work comes from... 


Superbowls, morning shows & nightly news. Ibex's members have been around the block providing solutions to complex problems on the tight time frames this industry is known for.


Members of Ibex have been key partners in making flagship stores and eye catching kiosks. Our eye for detail is uniquely suited to projects where brand identity is on the line.


From the high seas to Broadway our members have introduced modern fabrication techniques while keeping a healthy respect for tradition. 5/4 with muslin to lifts and tracks, we have done it all.

Talk is at the center of what we do


The core mission of Ibex is to explicitly define and account for every detail of your project from start to finish. We accomplish this through close coordination with our clients and other members of the project team. In person or remotely Ibex can present models, drawings and other documentation to highlight issues and drive towards their resolution. Sharing key data "in the room" leads to more effective decision making, informed clients and managed expectations.



Ibex provides unique tools to present information and obtain clarity at every phase of the project. Chief among those is sharing 3d models and other CAD data in person or over the web. We use GoToMeeting by Citrix to facilitate rich discussions when the project team is too distributed to meet in person often with their work in front of them.

go to meeting.jpg

Powerful tools lead to powerful results


Ibex uses the right tools for the job. Years of experience make fully realized 3D models the norm, often made by interpreting design intent communicated in a wide array of formats. When the need arises we can use our considerable traditional CAD skills to interface with and export files to those who prefer a more flat drawing environment.



Though we prefer Autodesk's suite of tools Ibex is fluent at collaborating with those using different software such as Sketch-Up, Rhino, Vectorworks and many more.

From CADland to Flatland


At least for the moment tried and true technical drawings remain the best tool for formally presenting critical information to clients and fabricators. Ibex tailors the detail and information for your intended audience. Clear and detailed technical information for your fabrication team; big picture relationships for your client.



Ibex can size its documentation so that you can print it in house. We also offer large format printing services.


Tolerance, Clearance and Labeling are Keys to Success


CNC fabrication is a major part of modern manufacturing. Ibex will prepare its designs for your equipment or recommend and liaise with a subcontractor. Years of experience designing items made of 80% or more CNC parts has lead to a close understanding of necessary tolerances and unique assembly methods. We also advise on tooling and cutting strategies to get the best parts quickly.  



For small projects Ibex can also handle the manufacturing for you. Let us use our relationship with local machinists, small scale fabricators and 3D printers to realize your vision.